The Dirty Rotten Mix

Rizm on Soundcloud

Rizm celebrates the return of D.Original to Dublin with this mix of some of Jeru's under-the-radar tunes...


1. Solar Flares (prod. by Large Professor)
2. Statik
3. Quantum Leap
4. G.U.R.U. (feat. Lil Dap and Malachi of the Grouphome)
5. Crooklyn Dodgers (feat. Chubb Rock and O.C)
6. Will Grow (Interlude)
7. Ya Playin Yaself (remix prod. by Sebi)
8. Da Bichez
9. Seinfeld
10. 1 2 Pass It (remix by Hands)
11. Me or the Papes (Primo's version)
12. Me or the Papes (SOHH's Cerebral Excursion)
13. War
14. Back to the Roots (with Doudou Masta)