A Month on Sundays - May 2014

Fruitman says:

The mix series is now 1 year old, good times! Getting started this time around with some disco vibes, and a classic groove from Dexter Wansel followed then by a recent re-issue on the Truth & Soul label with the mostly unheard of Hokis Pokis (highly recommended). Modern soul nugget next and a recent discovery by another unknown outfit - Popcorn, absolute killer! Version from Pam Hall then onto Dam Funk's 10-West before getting into a lovely remix of Freddie Gibbs from BBNG. Back with more Brazilian grooves then and a gorgeous song by Trio Mocoto (thanks Jeremy). A big one from the GLK then onto some lovely soul bits from Donny Hathaway, Alice Clark, Brief Encounter, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators (soon come). Closing of the mix then with some summer classics from Webster Lewis and Jon Lucien. Keep and eye of for UFO's....


Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars
Hokis Pokis - Nowhere
Popcorn - Song For You
Pam Hall - I Believe In Miracles
Dam Funk - 10 West
Freddie Gibbs - Shame (BBNG Remix)
Trio Mocotó - Não Adianta
Karreim Riggins - Summer Madness
GLK - Nissim
Donny Hathaway - I Hear Voices
Donald Byrd- Woman Of The World
Alice Clark - Never Stop Loving You
Brief Encounter - What About Love
Nicole Willis - If This Aint Love (I dont know what is)
Webster Lewis - Barbara Ann
Jon Lucien - Summer Song
Jim Sullivan - UFO