A Month on Sundays - July 2014

Fruitman says:

Teeing of with a track that has finally seen the light of day after many years and a great combination at that - The Mizell Brothers & Marvin Gaye! The Soul-Jazz Orchestra next with some spiritual business before some cool rasta heptones vibes, so good that! BBNG next with their version of CYMK and also a track of theirs with Ghostface with Danny Brown, whut! New bits from DOOM & Bishup Neru before getting into some Lee Fields & Sharon Jones who are set to tour Ireland in October, soon come. Ned Dohney next with a killer version of a Chaka Khan classic and some superior grooves from Skye - A Theo Parrish drop and speaking of Theo the next one is a classic of his - Ebonics. Closing the mix with some Rick James Summertime business.


Marvin Gaye - Woman of the world
Soul Jazz Orchestra - Rejoice pt 2
Heptones - Cool rasta
Ghostface & BBNG - Six degrees
Nehruvian Doom - Darkness
Lee Fields - Money is king
Sharon Jones - I learned the hard way
Ned Doheny - Wha'cha gonna do for me
Skye - Aint no need
Theo Parrish - Ebonics
Rick James - Gettin it on (in the sunshine)